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Our reasons to be

The UNESCO estimates teacher shortage in Indian schools at 3 million. An additional 1.5 million teachers will be required in the years to come. The ASER places the number of students in government schools at 121 million, more than half of whom are in rural or semi urban locations.

While the count of teachers churned from India’s human resources remains only in thousands. Further, the addition to the number does not... necessary equate to addition in expertise or pedagogical strengths of the new recruits. The clear gaps in the education system are two pronged – the lack of teachers, and the lack of resources for them to teach better in the classrooms. Extrapolate this situation to the rural parts of India, and lack of infrastructure...

The clear gaps in the education system are two pronged - the lack of teachers in general and the teachers lacking subject matter expertise. Extrapolate this situation to the rural parts of India, and lack of infrastructure including power and internet would further make the possibilities of access to knowledge by inspired student’s dismal. UNESCO’s research puts India as one of the several countries in the developing world where this problem is rampant.

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What we do

In our 2 decades of presence in this space, we have ably brought digital STEM content to life with a network of master teachers, in keeping with the rich pedagogy required in schools, developed to reach the rural most areas without dependencies on expensive or high quantum infrastructure, electricity, internet or even knowledge of IT.

Recognised as the low cost innovator in the education space by FICCI & USAID, as a partner... with the Government, as knowledge partners with The Rotary and several foundations, CLT’s reach has benefitted over 500,000 students, creating a shift in the way Science and Mathematics is taught in over 5,000 classrooms in Karnataka alone. The Organisation is a now mapping it’s prints across...

The Organisation is a now mapping it’s prints across the country (Do we need to mention that the scaling has begun to Northern States?) aiming to reach more underserved schools – proving that underserved schools can still have the best education in its classrooms, no matter what the challenges, only if there is the will.
CLT’s mission is to connect students with educational resources and experiences to open up new opportunities and impart the skills they need to have successful careers regardless of their economic circumstances. CLT empowers the underserved schools with the inspiration and resources they need to become champions of STEM education and open doors for themselves around the world.

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Our new technology platform provide advanced insights on

  • Usage of technology in classrooms based on Grade, Language and Lesson.
  • Geographical penetration and States actively harnessing CLT's resources.

Millennium Alliance Award 2013 for low-cost innovation by FICCI and USAID


"CLT has come up with local solutions that are replicable, scalable and low-cost. While the USP of the resources is to bring focus to and strengthen STEM education in Middle and High Schools. CLT e-Patashale is both a product and service, where veteran teachers design innovative pedagogy for STEM (mapped to curricula) and technology experts use low-cost technology for development of e-content for the learners and practitioners in the base of the pyramid communities. Content delivery is on low-cost android devices in no internet environment. The model is adaptable to suit the needs of local schools. It can facilitate teacher-mediation and self-learning"


CLT bagged the prestigious Millennium Alliance Award, an Indo-US partnership for Affordable Innovation. The award is the result of a joint initiative of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Technology Development Board , Government of India. Millennium alliance aims at supporting and scaling-up low cost, innovative solutions being developed and tested in India to address development challenges that will benefit base of the pyramid populations across India and the world...

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