We are thrilled to announce that CLT India is a recipient of the Millennium Alliance award for Early Grade Reading (EGR) Initiative, to enhance perceptual learning abilities for children between grades 1-4 in Kannada language

1.21 million students in Karnataka are out of school

45% belonging to early grades; the bulk of students who drop out between grades 4-8 are those who are unable to read and comprehend what is being taught in the class

The strategy was to build a scalable and replicable model where the master-teachers would design innovative pedagogy for digital STEM for the local practitioners and technology would be leveraged to deliver them to remote areas. The entire program architecture was built around what ‘Access’ translated to in the context of underserved communities, which further meant that the resources had to be in many regional languages; technology had to be robust yet affordable; teachers could be easily ‘upskilled’;and content could be accessed without the internet.

Today, we have a repository of 15,000+ videos in 4 regional languages, 2,000+ digital workbooks for teachers, 81,600+ teachers upskilled, having impacted 2.7 million students in 12,600+ classrooms learning from e-Patashale STEM.

State and District level governments, corporates, NGOs and local communities - have made the model sustainable.