Executive Team

Bhagya Rangachar
Founder & CEO
Omar Wani
Chief Strategy Officer

Our Board

Kentaro Toyama
Board Member
Harsha Murthy
Board Member
Jayshree Poddar
Board Member
Bill Thies
Board Member
Gayathri Krishna
Board Member
Ashish Kasi
Board Member
Rohit Shetty
Board Member
Meeta Gandhi
Board Member

CLT International Fundation

Our Advisors

Our advisors have a whole wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
We are glad we have them with us on our big mission to change the world.

Gautam John

”I started out as a lawyer with a focus on Intellectual Property Laws.Post that, I have been an entrepreneur in the food industry, an agriculturalist of sorts, worked as a small wheel in the cogs of a large company and now work in the non-profit field within the folds of education and publishing.

I work at the Akshara Foundation where I helped build and lead the Karnataka Learning Partnership project, which is a leverage, policy and advocacy project, and handle their data and technology functions as well as work on organizational strategy. Previously, I worked at Pratham Books where I build their social media presence, community strategy and an open source children's book publishing model. Currently, I am an advisor to Pratham Books, Inclusive Planet Centre for Disability and Policy, STIR Education in India and Children’s Lovecastles Trust.. My passion is 'access' as applied to knowledge and information.”

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Raj Chauhan

Raj Chauhan has fourteen years of investing experience at Goldman Sachs in NY, Hong Kong and Bangalore across different asset classes (equity, debt, convertibles) in Asia and U.S. He received his Bachelors in Computer Science and Economics from Cornell University and an MBA from University of Chicago.

For the past 18 years, he has actively supported interventions in education (K-12) in India in the areas of girl education, bridge schools in slum areas, and use of ICT in classroom. Understand the education policy issues and challenges, and well networked with the thought leaders in area of education in India. In addition, to work with CLT, Raj is a partner at Social Venture Partners (SVP Bangalore) and also works with Maya Health in the area healthcare and livelihood.

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Our Team

Our team is as diverse as the jobs they do. But we are not just all work and no play; we still have our inner child with us!