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Our Journey

  • Pioneered the School Mid-Day Meal Program for government schools in Karnataka.

  • CLT setup the Srujana Learning Centre as a pilot for introducing ICT tools in government schools.

  • Intel partnered with CLT to establish the Intel ComputerClubHouse - where children work with adult mentors to develop learning skills using technology.

  • CLT International Foundation Inc registered in Virginia, USA.

  • The CLT e-Patashale Program was conceptualised as the first ever digital STEM Program in regional languages. Was piloted in 100 government schools.

  • CISCO partnered with CLT for its distance-learning program..

  • CLT setup a research cell for pedagogy and technology to bring in a scalable and replicable model for e-Patashale where the experts would design innovating STEM resources in Regional Languages..

  • CLT won the USAID FICCI Millennium Alliance Award for low-cost technology innovation in education..

  • CLT’s multi-stakeholder partnership was able to conceive and implement a complete ecosystem for sustainable e-learning classrooms. Our first impact study by Dr Bill Theis reflects there is a “two-fold learning improvement in English test scores and increased engagement between students and teachers..

  • Under the research of “making a difference in the way girls are impacted in secondary schools” by Dasra in partnership with USAID, CLT was identified as one of the seven changemakers..

  • CLT commenced the operations of it’s inhouse lab for developing the ‘digital learning box’. This enabled the data analytics and content upgrades to be managed remotely..

  • CLT’s e-Patashale Program extends its reach to Hindi SpeakingStates- UP, Bihar, Rajasthan. Also, extends to Maharashtra as a pilot in 2districts..

  • To increase access to e-Patashale resources while leveraging on mobile technology, CLT introduced the Jigi platform - custom apps for teachers and learners.

  • ‘Road to 100K’: CLT has pledged to take the Jigi teacher app to 100,000 teachers by 2021.

    • - CLT India receives the Millennium Alliance Award the second time for Early Grade Reading(EGR) Initiative.
    • - Initiation of the EGR project to complete the suite of e-Patashale in the K-12 space.
    • - JIGI, JIGI-JIGI and YouTube channel Study-e-Station was successfully launched.
    • - CLT India, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, distributed free learning resources to the learning community

    • CLT India Wins Sabera Award 2021 Digital Literacy Program with Rotary Bangalore West - upskilling program for 30 teachers
    • New Partnerships:
    • - Rotary District 3190 and Menda Foundation - 133 Schools in Karnataka
    • - Sarvagna Healthcare Institute - 29 Schools in Bangalore
    • - Michell Bearings India Private Limited - 12 Schools in Attibele
    • - BOSCH India - 5 Schools in Bangalore Urban
    • - SBI Gram Seva - H B Meti govt high school Harogeri Village

    • Awards
      - Math power prize - GCPIT Award
    • New Programs
      - Educational Scholarship for Girl Students from Govt Schools
      - Digital Literacy Ver1.5 Launched
      - Digital Literacy Program in Telugu
      - With the help of Donors, the Jigi-Jigi Student app was distributed to 200 students from various govt schools.
    • Partnerships
      - Menda Foundation - Rotary District 3190: 180 Schools
      - Rotary Lakeside Trust - 40 Schools
      - Aseem Infra Finance Ltd - 27 Schools
      - Embassy Group - 5 Schools


The Childrens Love Castles Trust story began in 1997 from a room with a view

“ From my apartment window, I would see children building castles out of the mud. Kids who should be spending their time in school were out accompanying their parents at the construction site. This scene which resonated with me would repeat itself day after day until I realized a universal truth - Children loved building castles,homes - a place of belonging, whether at the beach, a playground or here at a construction site. Childrens Love Castles Trust (CLT) was born out of a passion to keep kids in school.To give them the education they deserve, so they can go build on their dreams and aspirations.....



  • June 2013 - CLT India receives the Millennium Alliance Award for “Low-cost innovation in e-Learning"
  • August 2020 - CLT India receives the Millennium Alliance Award the second time for Early Grade Reading(EGR) Initiative

Digital India

  • CLT India was honored with the Digital India Award 2017 for its “Digital innovation in e-Education” learning solutions by the Times Network.

Manthan Awards

  • CLT India’s innovative contribution was recognized in the “Field of Science and Technology” with the Manthan Award South West India 2014.

Social Innovation Award

  • 50 most impactful social innovators in the global listing .

Our History

.....There was a natural progression and evolution of our work into education space while we were doing school mid-day meal programs. It gave us a window into the everyday struggle that the government schools were faced with not being able to provide teachers for every grade, one teacher-one room schools, teacher absenteeism at its worst, etc.

It would get much worse in rural areas to attract and retain qualified teachers. If this was almost 20 years back, India is still facing 1.2 million teacher shortage. Our idea of having a hub to bring in the best of teachers to centralize pedagogy and map it to National curricula and customize it to State; & leverage technology for its strength in replication and distribution for personalized access and equity to quality education for every child at the local level has paid dividends. "

Bhagya Rangachar

Founder & Managing Trustee

Our Leadership

Nixon Joseph, CEO

Nixon Joseph brings a wealth of experience to CLT India, garnered from a distinguished career spanning the banking and non-profit sectors. Before joining CLT India, Mr. Nixon held the position of President & Chief Operating Officer at SBI Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) subsidiary of State Bank of India. Prior to this, he served in various capacities including Manager (Operations) at SBI Bahrain and Chief Executive Officer at SBI Tokyo branch. With a robust background in banking, Nixon's expertise spans diverse areas, acquired through extensive work across India. He holds certifications as a Certified Credit Professional, Certified Banking Compliance Professional, and Certified Information Systems Banker. Nixon's tenure as President of SBI Foundation witnessed the successful implementation of impactful projects aimed at assisting the underprivileged and disadvantaged. A post-graduate in English Language and Literature, Nixon embarked on his professional journey with the State Bank of India in 1985 as a probationary officer.

Nixon's commitment to social innovation is evident through his distinguished completion of the "Social Intrapreneurship" course offered by Ashoka Changemakers. He has been honoured with prestigious awards including the Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Award 2018 for excellence in public service and the Dr. Kalam Memorial Ignited Minds Award. Nixon's name features prominently in the "Be the Inspiration" Book published by the Rotary Club, Mumbai, recognizing 45 inspiring Indians. He was lauded as a "Covid Warrior" by the Governor of Maharashtra for his leadership in spearheading covid relief efforts, and is an "Aspire Circle Fellow." Beyond his philanthropic endeavours, Nixon is a celebrated marathon runner, boasting the completion of 68 full marathons and Ambassador of Fit India Mission, the flagship program of Govt of India.

Additionally, Nixon serves on the Governing Council of Yes Bank Foundation and extends his expertise as an advisor and mentor to numerous NGOs and CSR Foundations. He is member of IQAC of Amity University, Mumbai & guest faculty of various Universities.


Bhagya Rangachar

Founder & Managing Trustee

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Our core Team


Lead - IT & Operations

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Lead Strategy & Partnerships


Lead Accountant

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Deputy Lead - Operations and Pedagogy

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