June 2013 - CLT India receives the Millennium Alliance Award for “Low-cost innovation in e-Learning"

August 2020 - CLT India receives the Millennium Alliance Award the second time for Early Grade Reading(EGR) Initiative

Digital India

CLT India was honored with the Digital India Award 2017 for its “Digital innovation in e-Education” learning solutions by the Times Network.

Manthan Awards

CLT India’s innovative contribution was recognized in the “Field of Science and Technology” with the Manthan Award South West India 2014.

Social Innovation Award

50 most impactful social innovators in the global listing

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The Children’s LoveCastles Trust (CLT) story began in 1997 from a room with a view

From my apartment window, I would see children building castles out of the mud. Kids who should be spending their time in school were out accompanying their parents at the construction site. This scene which resonated with me would repeat itself day after day until I realized a universal truth - Children loved building castles,homes - a place of belonging, whether at the beach, a playground or here at a construction site.

Children's LoveCastles Trust (CLT) was born out of a passion to keep kids in school.To give them the education they deserve, so they can go build on their dreams and aspirations.....


.....There was a natural progression and evolution of our work into education space while we were doing school mid-day meal programs. It gave us a window into the everyday struggle that the government schools were faced with not being able to provide teachers for every grade, one teacher-one room schools, teacher absenteeism at its worst, etc.

It would get much worse in rural areas to attract and retain qualified teachers. If this was almost 20 years back, India is still facing 1.2 million teacher shortage. Our idea of having a hub to bring in the best of teachers to centralize pedagogy and map it to National curricula and customize it to State; & leverage technology for its strength in replication and distribution for personalized access and equity to quality education for every child at the local level has paid dividends. "

Bhagya Rangachar
Founder CEO /Managing Trustee

Our Leadership
Bhagya Rangachar
Founder, CEO & Managing Trustee

Ms. Bhagya Rangachar is the Founder CEO of CLT India and President of the CLTInternational Foundation Inc. She lived in the U.S. and worked as a SoftwareProfessional for more than 15 years. Her academic background is in STEM. She has completed Social Impact Leadership Program - a Dasra and Harvard Cohort.

Bhagya has overseen the development of CLT for over 21 years, taking the Organisation toone that has developed a large repository of digital STEM content in regional languages with low-cost technology delivery model and data analytics.

CLT’s flagship program, e-Patashale, has impacted over 1.8 million students across states of India.

Bhagya has been recognized as one of the 50 Globally Listed Social Innovators on WorldCSR Day, 2017. Under her leadership, CLT has also been awarded the Digital India award by the Times Group in 2017; Millennium Alliance Award, 2013 by FICCI and USAID for low-cost innovation.

Bhagya believes that each child that is set free with education, in turn, will set a chain of actions that frees many others. This can begin to happen only with access to learning opportunities in every child’s environment and that is the impetus for CLT’s work!


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