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CLT-Intel Computer Clubhouse - 2002-2018 April

CLT-Intel Computer Clubhouse is an after-school center for 750 children, ages 9-19, from Jakkur village in Bengaluru, funded by Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. These children work with adult mentors to develop learning skills using technology.

The clubhouse is like an invention workshop for the village children in the age group of 9 to 19, giving them access to technology with design software and mentoring program. The Clubhouse encourages constructivist learning approach which helps youth develop life-long learning skills and foster creativity. Youth who visit the Computer Clubhouse learn by doing. They create digital artwork, produce their own music CDs, film, write and edit their own short movies, and design websites.

Clubhouse-to College

Revathi, Adesh, and Sunil (ReAdS) defied all set boundaries in their limited learning environment in their rural government school. They participated in a Teen Summit in Boston with 300 youth members from across the globe. This 8th, 9th and 11th graders were perfect examples of how an initiative like CLT's learning enhancement and the After-school Computer Clubhouse programs could enable them to emerge as confident learners! Three more girls- Asiya, Manjula and Padma participated in 2008, followed by Sachin in 2010! This spark inspired CLT to start a college fund that would support the government school kids to continue their education after finishing High school.. Extend your support to ReAdS
and set off another SPARK.

Teen Summit

The Teen Summit is a biennial event that includes opportunities for Clubhouse youth to express their ideas with high-end technologies, such as graphic design, video animation, digital art, music, radio and documentary film-making and 3-D modelling. Each Teen Summit takes place on a university campus in Boston, Massachusetts, and includes a college and career fair, collaborative activities with youth from around the world, and many other opportunities for educational, career and personal growth. Youth members from CLT Clubhouse have been participating regularly, showcasing their work and culture with 300 youth members from around the world!

Adobe Youth Voice(AYV)

Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) enables young people to use cutting-edge multimedia and digital tools to communicate and share their ideas. In the beginning of 2008, Adobe and the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network established a partnership to implement the AYV program in a select number of Clubhouses. CLT Computer Clubhouse is a part of this initiative since 2008.

Kudos Award

“… Shows effective utilization of partnerships and the broader community to better the Clubhouse ..” – CLT Bangalore India

“… Ever since it opened its Clubhouse’s doors, CLT has placed an emphasis on partnerships to ensure the sustainability of its Clubhouse. CLT views partners in a holistic manner: Long-term mentors get their institutions excited about the Clubhouse, leading to new partnerships. Corporate sponsorship activities lead to mentors. International schools send students to fulfill community service commitments. And all of these partnerships – large or small, individual or institutional – spread the word about the Clubhouse while supporting CLT….”

Projects by Kids

This is where they all hang out when the school closes for the day and they need a place of their own to unwind. Computer Clubhouse fosters a creative learning environment where members come together to explore on their own ideas either individually or with peers. Mentors guide them to find an expression for their ideas through interesting projects using technology, art, video cameras, and music. Members actively participate in discussions about community issues and their participation. Sometimes, these ideas are reflected in short documentary films that are showcased to the community!