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We are thrilled to announce that CLT India is a recipient of the Millennium Alliance award for Early Grade Reading (EGR) Initiative, to enhance perceptual learning abilities for children between grade 1-4 in Kannada language

1.21 million students in Karnataka are out of school

45% belonging to early grades; the bulk of students who drop out between grades 4-8 are those who are unable to read and comprehend what is being taught in the class

The second Millennium Alliance award by FICCI and USAID is going to support CLT to develop Early Grade Reading Resources in regional language using Ed-Tech innovation to improve reading outcomes for children in underserved communities.

EGR Read-Ready Practitioners’ Kit will assist teachers and parents to become confident practitioners to assist their children to become readers in a phased manner with resources that are put together by Master Teachers.

In addition to the lack of resources for developing reading in under-served communities, there is also a challenge where it is not a social practice either at home or at school.

This product and process will enable children to be continuously and consistently exposed to sounds and sights of words, language through stories, activities that can be practiced both at home and schools.