Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is CLT India a not-for-profit organization? If yes, what is its legal status?

CLT India has been registered as a non-profit trust under the name of Children’s LoveCastles Trust. The Organisation also has the US-501c (3) registration. The other details of our legal status are as follow:

  • FCRA Approved
  • Clearances under section 12A and 80G

Is CLT India an international organization?

CLT India is an Indian trust and most of our funds are deployed in India to benefit the underserved communities in terms of education pan India

The CLT International Foundation (CLT-IF) in the USA, which is aimed at encouraging people living in the USA to get involved in our programs in India and to donate generously, so that we can reach out to beneficiaries.

Does CLT India have any governmental or religious affiliations?

CLT does not have any governmental or religious affiliations because we believe that all individuals, regardless of their background, has the right to have access to quality education and learning. This enables us to remain autonomous.

How is e-Patashale program different from other online content providers?

Our e-Patashale content has a strong focus on STEM and is curricula-aligned and mapped to National Curricula Framework and customized to different State Boards. Its’ strength is in its localisation of content and being available in regional languages. Content basket has large repository of concept videos, real-time Science experiments, teachers’ resources, activity-based learning and assessments.

The e-Patashale content sits on it’s own customised app and app store. The ecosystem enables users two key benefits which is also a unique offering in this space.

First - the ability for data analytics to reach partners and donors. In the form of a dashboard, you will now be able to monitor the content consumption (by subjects, by teachers, in each location) in real time!

Second - the device that has been developed is sim enabled so even the upgrades that constantly happen to the STEM content from CLT’s Jakkur Campus are uploaded remotely; without delay or dependency for the school.

How can a government agency or NGO engage with CLT?

You could partner with CLT for infrastructure support and implementation.

Can I pick the state, technology or local partner for my money?

Our team uses utmost discretion in selecting the places, technology and local partners we work with. We apologize, but we cannot take open offers to work in certain regions, work with certain partners or fund specific technologies. This is primarily because while we want our content to be able to reach the greatest number of children, we also want to ensure that it is most relevant to our beneficiaries so that they can get the most out of using our content. Thus, instead of choosing the region, technology or local partner yourself, we ask that you trust our judgments in deciding where your funds will go. We promise to ensure that your funds will be well-allocated to benefit the most number of children possible.

Are CLT employees paid for their work?

Our full-time employees are given regular salaries, because we believe that this is important in attracting and obtaining the full commitment of professional talents and expertise to manage our activities (and your resources) effectively. That said, it is important to note that the salaries which CLT employees receive are modest in comparison to commercial organizations.

How can I volunteer for CLT?

Please share your areas of interest and resume by email -

How can I apply to work as a full-time employee or intern at CLT India?

For career opportunities, please email -

Can I schedule an informational interview with you?

Yes, post connecting over an email, this can be scheduled.

How does CLT choose the projects and communities that it supports?

Our selection process is based on 3 values: transparency, accountability and mutually-beneficial collaboration. CLT works closely with our collaborators to ensure that we can meet their needs while ensuring that the resources you have contributed are able to reach the most number of beneficiaries possible.

How can I donate to CLT India from outside of India?

If you are donating from oveseas, please email us at for your country-specific details.

Will I get a fund utilization report for my online donation?

As an online donor, if your donation is to support the work of the Trust in general, you will get the acknowledgement from CLT. However, if your funding is towards a particular project, you will receive a fund utilization report.

How do I make in-kind donations to specific schools?

Kindly write to us at and include the the details of the in-kind donation you wish to make. We will direct you to the relevant individuals, whom you can directly go to to make the donation. Please note though, that it would be the responsibility of the donor to ensure that the donation is transported to the school.

For any other questions, you may email us at