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CLT is registered as Children’s LoveCastles Trust. It is a registered charity as per the Indian Laws.

  • CLT International Foundation is registered in the US, and has the 501(c)3 in place
  • For queries on donations made in USA and for tax receipts, please email

Please visit the donate section of this website and make a donation. Please email the donation details to and we will be happy to share a receipt once the amount is credited to our accounts If you are sending money from outside India, please send us an email BEFORE making the donation and we will share the process and account details. As per Indian Laws, we need to maintain a separate bank account for foreign remittance and hence the difference.

Please write to us on with your contact details & CLT Team will get back at the earliest. You can also reach out to us on Whatsapp / Call at +91 96061 84748.

The e-Patashale suite is a customized digital solution for schools, which includes : Customized Android Device with Wireless Mouse 3 Grades of content (5th-7th or 8th-10th) 1 Language (English / Kannada / Hindi) 3 Year License Period 1 Year Data Analytics