Teacher: Kodagu

“There are 12 Schools in Kodagu district out of which only 2 schools have e-Patashale programs. Teachers (Flora D’Souza, Hathur Primary school, and Dodda Thimmaiah, Ammathi High school) from these schools said that students scored the highest mark in the CSAS exam with the help of e-patashale program. CSAS exam was conducted to check the knowledge level of students and prepare them for competitive exams by Govt of Karnataka.”

Teacher: Dakshina Kannada

“The teacher from Sulyapadu, Dakshina Kannada school said that they conduct extra classes during the night, using e-Patashale program which helped them to score 100% result in the Board Exam.”

BEO: Uttara Kannada

“In schools located in remote areas, e-Patashale based learning has boosted the confidence of children and there has been an improvement in results.”

Teacher(Mahadevi Malangavi): Belagavi

“This method of teaching using videos helps the students to visualize and understand concepts effectively. Science topics (eg. cells and micro-organism) can be taught in an interesting manner.”

Educational Coordinator(Santhosh Kumar) Kalburgi(Gulbarga)

“The content is aligned to the syllabus. It reduced the burden of teachers who have to conduct classes for multiple subjects. English grammar has improved the vocabulary of the students.”

Teacher(Pradeep S) Balki, Bidar

“Improvement in the overall result, School has achieved 100% results in10th grade for Mathematics and Science subjects. e-Patashale helps teachers to teach complicated topics in a better and easy way in the classrooms.”

Headmaster(K V Pushaplatha) Mysore.

“Very useful for tribal and rural students. Teaching is made easier through teaching points given in the content. Science topics are easier to teach using e-Patashale content.”

Davangere Teacher:

“The e-Patashale program is useful to students in the absence of subject teachers. Many times, teachers are sent to external training and other activities and hence are not in a position to complete their lessons. e-Patashale content is teacher-friendly and helps in motivating slow learning children.”

Mr Prabhudeva, the Headmaster of Jakkur Government High School

Mr Prabhudeva is very supportive of the CLT e-Patashale ‘Smart Class’ that was implemented 3 years ago. This is despite the fact that his school did not have teachers to teach Physics and Maths for the last 2 years. In rigorous scientific evaluations, e-Patashale has led to a two-fold learning improvement in English test scores and increased engagement between students and teachers.

Mr Javaraiah, the Headmaster of Gorur Government School

Mr Javaraiah was amazed that an entire curriculum for the Middle School can fit into a small device and the multi-media content can be stored and projected at any time. He said he was also pleasantly surprised that 5 students from neighbouring private schools had migrated to his government school. He also said that the learning outcomes of the students had improved and the cost-effective learning model was sustainable even with severe power cuts. This inspired him to source the required funds to have ‘Smart Classes’ implemented in 12 more schools in his District.

Mr Shivakumar, the Headmaster of Hulikal Government School

Mr Shivakumar is excited about the changes e-patashale is bringing. Dropout rates have dropped 92% from 5% to 0.04% since the implementation of e-patashale. He attributes this achievement to the transformation in the learning environment from passive to collaborative. The digital content is developed by expert teachers and the interactive and engaging content is aligned to the state board curriculum.


Mr Dilip Chenoy, Secretary-General, FICCI on CNBC

“CLT developed a very interesting proposition for STEM teaching, that is science and math teaching in schools. The challenge that they overcame was the shortage of teachers, in some cases lack of ability of teachers; second, many of the solutions that were there at that point of time were internet-based solutions and they were not applicable because of connectivity in schools. So they found a way of how to give local solutions for local classrooms.”

Mr Shyam Kaluve, Co-Founder & CTO, Gramonnati

“When we started our VidyaJyothi program to transfer education in the rural schools near the Line Of Control, Jammu, the first problem we encountered is the capability of the Teachers. We wanted to transform the classroom experience both for the teacher as well as the kids and the first thing that came into our mind is CLT’s e-Patashale kit. It has the right pedagogy, very easy to deploy and a very very intuitive user interface. Its extensive coverage of the concepts in NCERT syllabus makes it very very immersive for the students in every classroom session.”

Carolyn Johnson, Rotary International

Mr Arjun Menda, Menda Foundation

“E-shala program of Menda Foundation, CLT India and Selco Solar Pvt Ltd has helped the rural schools in Karnataka to equip with solar-powered e-learning program. CLT India, the knowledge partner has been providing quality digital content based on Karnataka State Syllabus, which is one of the major highlights of the program. The content is been helpful for teachers as well as students in understanding the concept better with live experiments and quality animations.”

American India Foundation Trust

“This type of teaching will help the teachers to teach easily without any struggle and children are able to participate in the teaching and learning process very actively. It plays a crucial role in empowering teachers to create an enabling environment and make the teaching-learning process more effective. Teachers will also know how to integrate technology in their teaching-learning process and build the skills of the students for the 21st century.”

Rotary Bangalore West

Rotary Bangalore West, a part of Rotary International District 3190, has been associated with CLT since 2013. The digital educational content as per the Karnataka State syllabus in Kannada and English medium developed by CLT has been of great help to Rotary in its effort to spread the benefits of e-learning to over two hundred schools.
CLT has put its digital syllabus-based audiovisual content onto handy Android MiniPCs. These gadgets consume very little power and are virus-proof...

With support from Menda Foundation, over one hundred of the portable e-learning units powered by the CLT educational content have been installed in schools during the current academic year. Glimpses of the feedback from a few schools are given below:

H Rajendra, Zonal Coordinator, Rotary India Literacy Mission

We are happy to certify that RI District 3190 has established around 240 e-learning systems in equal number of Government schools in Karnataka and all of them have used "e-patashale" software. The Software has proved to be an effective tool to teach English Grammar, Science and Mathematics from 5th to 10th Standard students. We have received very positive feedback from the schools confirming that after they started to teach using this software, the performance of the students has improved dramatically. The teachers too find the software extremely user-friendly. We will have no hesitation in recommending “e-patashale” software to any school wanting set up an e-learning centre in their school.

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