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Contours of growth

CLT India has set itself the ambitious goal of taking the e-Patashale program over multiple platforms with new content and enhanced delivery to 10 million learners by 2021. In order to achieve this, we will require large scale and committed collaborations through global philanthropy.

Leveraging on the CLT international arm in the U.S. and its new representation in France, additional geographies in Europe and the Middle East are also being explored for deep partnerships with individuals, corporations and governments – anyone who shares our commitment to empowering young people to realize their dreams, irrespective of the challenges their immediate circumstances may pose to them gaining basic literacy and life skills, as well as access to quality education in general.

Our accomplished and senior representatives in overseas locations are constantly engaging to identify thought partners and raise resources - funding, skills and technology sponsorships, etc. - and channel them to CLT’s global initiatives. They are also exploring adaptation and delivery options in other developing areas facing similar challenges within underserved communities.

While significant effort and resources have already gone into reaching 1 million learners today, our 2021 goal will require a new approach and significant investment in our methods of developing, delivering and measuring outcomes in order to effectively educate and inspire today’s youth in the most relevant and meaningful ways. We must continue to be both innovative and transformative, and most of all, easily accessible and deeply relevant to our targeted audience.

Our Partnership Promise

Over the years, our team at CLT India has developed an expertise which we are ready to deploy across India and in other developing countries. By examining every obstacle standing in the way of achieving our goals, and finding appropriate solutions to each one, we have not only developed a particular expertise, but a process which is scalable, sustainable, and adaptable to other contexts.

Through the many iterations of our educational offerings, we are able now to do a thorough assessment and analysis of any particular context, identify the obstacles to attaining the desired goals, and partner with teachers, school administrators and other local authorities, as well as corporate sponsors to offer customized solutions. Once we have understood the context, we can offer end-to-end solutions that are sustainable within each environment because they are based on deep partnerships with local experts.

Call to Action

In an age where technology is constantly blurring the lines in the way knowledge and information flow across continents and between individuals, there are still areas where learning is a real challenge. Whether due to lack of basic infrastructure, qualified teachers or internet access, underserved communities across India and in other developing countries are being left behind in this new digital age.

CLT’s mission is to reach these areas of the population and give them the opportunity to find their place and achieve their potential in a connected world. CLT India has a 20-year track record. We have articulated and demonstrated the viability and improved outcomes of our learning solutions. Through our customized use of ICTs in education, we are reaching many more children in a more direct, impactful and sustainable way than ever before.

We invite you to reach out to our international offices for information on how you or your organization can connect, contribute, and support CLT’s goal to reach the 10 million learners by 2021.

How you can get involved

If you are an individual, you can help our students by offering:

  • Scholarships for individual students
  • To sponsor the e-patashale set-up in one or several schools
  • Your time as interns or volunteers (we can always use experts in learning innovation and technology, or even just willing helpers for our many initiatives)
  • Support for our organization in general

If you are a private company or public organization, you can partner with us to continue bringing solutions at no or little cost to the teachers and students themselves by sponsoring:

  • New content development
  • Deployment in other regions and countries
  • Improved infrastructure for schools, such as solar panels, screens/monitors, etc.
  • Innovation of products and services to be delivered in future

Help us in our cause to develop new generations of inspired learners, and through these young minds, to build a better society for all. We need your support to take CLT to the next level and to advance toward our goal of giving every child access to quality education, no matter their circumstances.

CLT International Foundation

CLT has a presence in the U.S. to facilitate better understanding of the educational needs of children who live in underserved communities. Our Board members there provide expertise and thought partnership to help the organization develop further.
CLT International Foundation is a registered charity in the U.S. with 501(c)(3) status. Your generous contributions are therefore tax deductible.
With current exchanges rates, your dollars can make an even bigger impact:
  • 20 dollars will go into a fund for students from underserved communities to access e- Patashale
  • 100 dollars will go into development fund to create programs with social prominence
  • 500 dollars will provide a 3 years scholarship to a student to access the ePatashale program
  • 2000 dollars will enable us to provide the entire ePatashale program to a school

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