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External Evaluation

Measuring the Learning Benefits of Electronic Teaching Aids in Low-Resource Classrooms

Dr. Bill Thies is a researcher in the Technologies for Emerging Markets Group at Microsoft Research India. His paper on Measuring the Learning Benefits of Electronic Teaching Aids in Low-Resource Classrooms is an impact study on CLT e-Patashale

Despite a long history of applying technology to bolster education in the developing world, very few programs have been rigorously evaluated to measure the impact on learning outcomes [3]. Moreover, the rigorous evaluations that do exist often fail to find strong effects [2] or are inconclusive [1] with respect to technology’s role in improving learning in low-resource classrooms.

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Gray Matters

CLT, Menda Foundation and Selco have partnered with Gray Matters to do evaluation and monitoring, to include Baseline and Endline for both Controlled Group and Treatment Group, for several DIstricts. This exercise is in progress.

Our Reach


The Progressive-Teacher Case Study

Many government schools lack the resources to replicate real life experiments. Most schools don't have the teachers to take Science and Math classes. And then, how do you make those difficult concepts relatable and interesting to students who have not had first hand exposure to Subject Matter Expertise? These case studies will tell you how CLT addresses these concerns...

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Process documentation by USAID on CLT e-Patashale (MA award) :

CLT is the Millennium Alliance Award winner, round 1, supported by FICCI and the US AID.

As a part of the exercise, the Alliance covered the process documentation of their Awardees in great details. The document that can be accessed at the link below has details of CLT on pages 19-25 and shows the outcome map on page 104...

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CLT was chosen as a Dasra Fellow for their Research Publication (in partnership with USAID) as one of 7 Change Makers that is making a 'Difference' in the way girls are impacted in secondary schools. Please see the link below for the book/report. Need to mention that that the numbers/Reach has increased since their visit to CLT in 2014...

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