Having stated the claims and achievements across the pages of this website, it isimportant for our readers to know - CLT’s scorecard remains as simple and powerful as “Joyful learning for each child
- everywhere!”

CLT has served children and youth in underserved communities for almost 2 decades. Our model is to raise funds for the programs and subsidise it at a very low-cost for the communities we serve in. CLT has amplified it’s efforts with strong core of expertise from a network of passionate volunteers, thus keeping our overheads at a minimum, as well.

CLT has gone through many levels of due-diligence from teams, such as, Charities Aid Foundation, Guide Star, FICCI etc. and has won the Transparency Certification. Our relationship with many corporate bodies, like the Microsoft Research Foundation, Cisco, Intel etc. span over 10 years, with the execution of multiple projects, indicating the commitment and sustainability of the organization. The Leadership & Staff’s integrity towards the work CLT has undertaken is reflected in letter & spirit - transparent in it’s documentation and reporting mechanism that it has built around each initiative. The Organisation is scaling to other parts of the Country.

How can i verify that my donation has been processed?

Please email with details of your donation for receipts or clarifications

Is my credit card information secure?

CLT India uses high grade encryption and the https security protocol to communicate with your software browser. These make it extremely difficult for anyone else to intercept the credit card information which you send to us. High grade encryption and the https security protocol are also the industry standard for security protocol and are used globally by most organizations. Additionally, we conduct both independent and external audits to ensure the privacy, security and online processing of your information on our site too.

Are there any tax benefits for donating to CLT India?

As we are exempted from tax under the section 80G, all monetary donations made to us will have a 50% tax exemption for donations within India.

Donors from U.S, are eligible for 100% tax exemption when the donations are made to to CLT International Foundation.

Postal Address: CLT International Foundation Inc.
c/o Ms Saroj Gandhi
4101 Yerkes Place
Contact : Harsha Murthy
e-mail :

My friends and I have collected items like books and stationery to be donated to CLT India. Where do we send them?

Thank you for all your hard work. You can send the collected items to the following address:

Children’s Lovecastles Trust
Jakkur Village Post,
Bangalore 560064

Be sure to include your name and contact details so that we can update you once we have received the items.

How can i verify that my donation has been processed?

You could partner with CLT for infrastructure support and implementation.

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