Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to
change the world”

About CLT

The Children’s Lovecastles Trust (CLT) story began in 1997 from a room with a view -

“From my apartment window I would see children building castles out of mud. Kids who should be spending their time in school were out accompanying their parents at the construction. This scene which resonated with me would repeat itself day after day until I realized a universal truth - Children loved building castles, homes - a place of belonging, whether at a beach, a playground or here at a construction site.
Children's Lovecastles Trust (CLT) was born out of a passion to keep kids in school. To give them the education they deserve, so they can go build on their dreams and aspirations.

Bhagya Rangachar
Founder CEO / Managing Trustee

Our History

There was a natural progression and evolution of our work into education space while we were doing school mid-day meal programs. It gave us a window into the everyday struggle that the government schools were facing with not being able to provide teachers for every grade, one teacher-one room schools, teacher absenteeism at its worst etc.
It would get much worse in the rural areas to attract and retain qualified teachers. If this was almost 20 years back, India is still facing 1.2 million teacher shortage. Our idea of having a hub to bring in the best of teachers to centralize pedagogy and map it to National curricula and customize it to State; and leverage technology for its strength in replication and... distribution for personalized access and equity to quality education for every child at the local level has paid dividends. I recall one particular incident.

I had an opportunity to be part of a workshop on STEM experiments with the locally available materials by a gentleman called Mr. Baluragi. His passion to popularize Science among students in under-served communities was unmatched. As an one-man army, his reach was as many buses as he could take to travel the remote distances.

When I told him about my dream to send his experiments to millions of children with the help of technology, he dedicated 3 years of his life working with us to customize these STEM experiments! This devotion to contribute towards better educational opportunities for the under-served was so infectious that we had a whole bandwagon of teachers and subject matter experts across the Board working with us! Today, CLT e-Patashale content is bringing in transformational change in rural classrooms, with a shift in how teachers and students have access to resources at their fingertips.