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Resource Center

CLT has worked diligently to develop resources developed in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders including content experts. CLT Resource Center acts as a Hub, bringing together pedagogy experts from different Boards, resource people with subject expertise.

Teacher Training

CLT helps partner organizations in training teachers to appropriately use the content. CLT staff works with partner to arrange training for teachers. The goal for this effort is to increase the comfort level of teachers, to be able to easily navigate through all the content and to help realize that e-Patashale is there to complement their efforts in classroom.

Course Development

Master Teachers and resource people design electronic course material. NCERT is used as a framework, localized to the language of instruction, and adapted for rural students. Science is related to their immediate surroundings and demonstrated with real-time experiments with locally available materials. Content basket has video lectures, animations, slides, PDFs, activity-based learning, real-time science experiments, and assessment tools.

Stem Workshop

CLT inspires young and old to explore and investigate with Hand-On-Science. Science is connected to children's immediate environment and Real-time experiments are done with locally available materials. Experiment models are designed by CLT Resource People and replicated by a team of volunteers and distributed to schools. These model-experiments also complement the curricula-based CLT e-Patashale STEM videos given to the school.


Evaluation is a key aspect of e-Patashale. There are qualitative aspects which assesses the engagement of students, motivation and retention rates. And there are quantitative aspects which utilize baseline survey and external research organization to provide an unbiased view of the impact of e-Patashale in the classroom. CLT has engaged with external research organizations including Microsoft Research to study the impact of e-Patashale in a classroom.

Content Delivery

CLT's digital content, E-patshale can be delivered to school classrooms and students through a number of offline devices including desktop, projector, tablet, and smartphone. In fact, CLT's content can also be viewed online through online platforms such as Udemi.