While Education Technology was making its way mainly to high-end private schools about a decade ago, CLT,on the other hand, was deeply immersed in understanding the challenges of teacher shortage and its direct impact of missed learning opportunities for children. Thus, CLT e-Patashale was conceptualized,to bring about a transformation in rural classrooms.

The strategy was to build a scalable and replicable model where the master-teachers would design innovative pedagogy for digital STEM for the local practitioners and technology would be leveraged to deliver them to remote areas. The entire program architecture was built around what ‘Access’ translated to in the context of underserved communities, which further meant that the resources had to be in many regional languages; technology had to be robust yet affordable; teachers could be easily ‘upskilled’;and content could be accessed without the internet.

Today, we have a repository of 15,000+ videos in 4 regional languages, 2,000+ digital workbooks for teachers, 81,600+ teachers upskilled, having impacted 2.7 million students in 12,600+ classrooms learning from e-Patashale STEM.

State and District level governments, corporates, NGOs and local communities - have made the model sustainable.



True to its strategy of keeping Teachers as the centre of all its initiatives, CLT has successfully trained over 50,000 of them on the e-Patashale program: upskilling them with 21st century digital skills, ICT tools and equipping them to teach STEM.

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STEM Experiential Learning

CLT recognises that experiential learning is equally important to supplement the classroom learning. In addition to the CLT e-Patashale learning labs, it also conducts workshops with volunteers to develop STEM learning kits which are then distributed to government schools.

So far, more than 10,000 volunteer hours have been utilised to deliver 4,000 STEM kits to schools.


Students learn STEM concepts better
through e-Patashale classes


Schools reported improvement in        
students' results


Schools reported the dropout rate has
decreased due to this innovation


Schools reported that the enrollment
has increased due to e-Patashale

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CLT believes in being closely connected to one’s community- Jakkur and the surrounding villages- which has been home to the Organisation since the year 2000.

CLT has served the community through many programs like the digital literacy program, the Intel Computer ClubHouse Initiative, the annual scholarships in-kind to meritorious students.

The Jakkur community received the Srujana learning centre as a gift to theirschool from our Founder, Ms. Bhagya Rangachar. The extension in premises will serve as aTechnology Learning Centre for the community.

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